Gang Of Looters: Half 8


The seemingly calm manner of Kulala Bodega was merely a facade, one which made it appear like he was proof against the spreading allegations towards him and the protesting folks outdoors of his workplace.

He had left his home after the comfort and encouragement from his spouse, Awiti, into the bewildered face of his private assistant and the debilitating drive to his workplace. The truth that his re-election posters had been smeared and tampered with confirmed him how the folks now noticed him.

He didn’t have the time to wallow in remorse as a result of he had extra urgent points to take care of. He had agreed with the minister of petroleum to go see an oil properly that was drying up.

The stench from the oil properly would go on to point out how uncared for the place was. It had turn out to be a refuse dump and a transparent reminder of the sorry state of affairs the state was in.

He had mustered all of the braveness he may muster however the realisation that the principle supply of earnings throughout the state was drying up and there was no strategy to reverse it.

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At this level, he remembered that Awiti had talked about calling for religious assist and he had vehemently turned her down. Now nevertheless, it appeared like he had little to no alternative however to bow to the concepts of his spouse.

Kulala Bodega arrived dwelling that evening and to the utter shock of his spouse, he requested that she contact her personal mom to place the ritual processes into use.

The healer quickly arrived and set out her instruments and commenced incantations and prayers. The prayers ended, but it regarded like nothing was working. His spouse would as soon as once more come to his emotional help, they spent the time stargazing and being comfortable. It was the primary time he was comfortable in a very long time.


Chapter 7: 

On the surface, Kulala Bodega is likely to be appearing as if the whole lot was alright and that no matter was happening round him had zero impact on him, however on the within, he felt as if a rusted knife was being twisted in his intestine. Many instances, previously couple of hours, a tiny voice in his head instructed him to give up to Chief Timbabu, for his folks, for his household however then that voice was shut down by logic and the need to do what was proper. The entire feeding the hyena king state of affairs would maintain going till somebody had the braveness to face up towards him. The poisonous cycle needed to be damaged, and Kulala Bodega knew he needed to be that one that saved all of them, he didn’t care if he misplaced his life or his place throughout his battle.

The chief was not born yesterday, he had been the place he was for years, and he had fought tooth and nail to succeed in that place. There was no approach in hell he was giving up simple, Bodega knew it precisely. He was about to start out a warfare which probably he would lose, however he was prepared to take his probabilities. His fears weren’t larger than the hopes he had for his nation, his state, and his folks.

He had visited his workplace proper after breakfast, and it was as dangerous as he had thought. Individuals had thrown pamphlets towards his new election marketing campaign, and any person had even written curses beneath his identify with spray paint on the entrance wall of the workplace. It was not a straightforward capsule to swallow, as he had developed a behavior to obtain love and praises from the folks solely. What had modified simply in a couple of days? Kulala Bodega knew the reply to it fairly properly. He knew on whose orders was the media feeding all of the lies and half-truths to the nation. These folks had been merely the puppets dancing within the fingers of their grasp. The pressure behind all of it was the chief, who needed to point out Kulala Bodega his true energy now. He higher be prepared for the chief’s subsequent blow, this was the battle for the survival which may get as ugly because it may.

On the Petroleum Minister Ekon Akanda’s fixed nagging, Kulala Bodega was to go to the placement of an oil discipline which was one of many largest hubs of manufacturing previously, however now out of the blue it had been withered utterly; dry as a bone. The information was first saved beneath the wraps, however because the impoverished native villagers began utilizing the placement as a trash dump, throwing their waste down the deep and empty properly, it was featured on the native information. Kulala Bodega by no means believed in fairy tales, however about this case, he simply wished there was some fairy godmother who would shake her wand, and the properly begins filling with oil once more as they confirmed within the kids’s animated films.

“Boda, my lief,” Awiti had stated a couple of nights again, “Why don’t we do our ancestors prayers for the drying out wells and oil assets? My mother stated she is aware of a healer from Kenya who may carry out the rituals.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Awi!” Kulala Bodega had softly scolded her. “I believed you had been the smart one.”

“After all, I do know you don’t imagine in it however bear in mind for what number of years our ancestors have been calling the gods for the rain? Their prayers are at all times heard and answered. Aren’t they?” Awi had insisted.

Kulala Bodega didn’t need to give a harsh reply to her harmless plea, so he simply checked out her with an entertained smile.

“Please?” Awi checked out him however her massive attractive eyes that at all times dazzled Bodega.

“Alright, Alright!” We’ll see. Let me go test it out first?” He was in no temper to observe her recommendation, however he didn’t need to break her coronary heart additionally, so he made a false promise that he would give it some thought which had introduced an prompt smile on Awiti’s face, changing the frown that regarded like a tiny crescent on her clear brow.

A sudden squall of dangerous odor had introduced him again into the current second. It smelled like rotten flesh, and he noticed a corpse of what regarded like a really skinny goat, laying simply outdoors the fenced properly. The fence was as soon as put to maintain the properly and the environment secure from invaders; now it was all gone just a few items had been left of it. Kulala Bodega walked in direction of it and regarded down the properly however needed to cowl his nostril immediately because the rotten rubbish smelled as dangerous as a decomposing human physique.

Kulala Bodega’s coronary heart dropped within the pits of his abdomen. It was worse than he may have ever imagined. A lot worse. This discipline was as soon as the golden goose for his or her state and the situation it was in right now was heartbreaking. Akanda had been proper all alongside; it was a nightmare. There was nothing that might probably reserve it or the sinking ship of their state. The state that was as soon as the most important money-making useful resource for the complete nation was beneath its personal particles, due to the exacerbating scenario and hyenas like chief Timbabu feasting on the stays of it.

He drove again to his dwelling, not answering to his always ringing telephone. There was a storm happening in his thoughts, and it was not simply the matter of the assets or funds, it was in regards to the hopes of his folks and in regards to the guarantees he had made to his folks. There was no approach he was letting these thugs snatch away the goals of his folks.

As he reached dwelling, he discovered Awiti serving to the women with their homework. She checked out him, and her eyebrows elevate for a second. He wasn’t supposed to come back dwelling early. He gave her a wry smile and dragged himself to his room. Awiti adopted. She discovered him sitting on the wood chair on the terrace, that confronted their luscious orchard, which was their favourite place to take a seat on the times off. Together with his head in his fingers, Kulala Bodega regarded loads older and weak.

“Hey, hey, hey! Is the whole lot alright, Boda?” Awiti checked out him worriedly. “You didn’t go to the annual fundraiser?”

“No, I used to be simply drained.” He tried to smile. “Urmm Awi,” Bodega cleared his throat, which was a awful try and regular his shaky voice. “I used to be considering to try this ancestral prayer.” He felt as if his eyes had been beginning to water even at an try and recall what he had seen this afternoon.

“Yeah, certain sweetheart,” Awi’s tone was very not sure. Why had Bodega out of the blue modified his thoughts? “When do you need to do it?”

“Tonight. Ask your mom if that healer may fly over or do it over skype.” Bodega massaged his temples. His voice was of an exhausted man.

“Tonight?” Awiti stated in a shocked voice. “I’m not certain. Let me give my mom a name.”

All of it occurred so rapidly. Inside the subsequent three hours, the whole lot was prepared, the healer had flown to their state and was ready to carry out the rituals.

He who brings rain brings life” Started the healer, who was dressed just like the natives used to decorate whereas performing the rain summoning rituals of their nation.

In most components of Africa, rain rituals had been directed in direction of the royal ancestors as a result of they had been believed to have management over rain and different pure phenomena and this ritual was carried out for hundreds of years to name the ancestors for assist. Particularly after the late 70’s when Africa began to get affected by local weather change.

The rainmaking normally concerned sacrificing an animal, ideally black because it represented the colour of the rainclouds. Kulala Bodega had requested the healer to carry out the sacrifice later, someplace away from his home in order that his daughters wouldn’t see it.

The Healer created a sacred house by burning varied leaves and herbs of their home first, after which he started the mantra.

Iba se omi tutu.

I pay homage to the spirit of the ancestors. Emi (Kulala Bodega) Omo

I’m (Kulala Bodega) baby of (Africa)

This opening portion of the prayer is adopted by a blessing of the water as follows:

Iba se omi tutu.

I pay homage to the Spirit of cool water, Ire alafia,

The nice fortune of peace, Ire’lera, the great fortune of a secure dwelling, Ire ori’re.

the great fortune of knowledge, Ire ori tutu the great fortune of calmness.

Mo dupe gbogbo ire, omi tutu, ase.

Thanks for the numerous blessings of water, Might or not it’s so.

Kulala Bodega checked out Awiti awkwardly. He had by no means been a non secular man all his life, and he had by no means been to such a prayer or ritual in his whole life. Not realizing what to do, he saved taking a look at Awiti and imitated her. She had her fingers folded within the gesture of praying and so did Bodega. She closed her eyes in the course of the ceremony, and her fragile physique shook ever so calmly as if she was crying.

Mo dupe Ori Egun, ase.

I give thanks for the knowledge of the ancestors,

Might or not it’s so.


The healer completed and blessed the home as soon as once more. He was then result in the placement of the withered properly, by Akachi to carry out the remaining rituals and

sacrifice. After a very long time, Bodega felt at peace though he wasn’t a believer in all that however deep down someplace he knew assist was coming. He didn’t know the way and when, however he knew it’s on the best way. After dinner, he got here to his solace once more, the terrace and Awiti adopted some time later. He was so engrossed in

watching the celebrities twinkling within the clear sky that he didn’t discover her coming.

“I see somebody remains to be fascinated by the celebrities.” Awiti giggled like a teen and for a fraction of second introduced Bodega again to their outdated days when there have been no worries, no burdens of serving anybody. It was simply him and the love of his life.

“Who isn’t? They don’t seem to be simply the balls of gasoline burning within the house. The imply extra to folks like me.” He smiled after which sighed. The air smelled of sweet-scented flowers.

“Is that the explanation you proposed to me beneath the celebrities?”

“Possibly.” He smiled once more, his eyes twinkling brighter than the celebrities.

“Boda, do you assume the scenario will get any higher?” Awiti whispered in a apprehensive voice.

Bodega checked out her for a second, smiled satisfactorily then stood up and took her hand. She smiled again and checked out him. She stood up, feeling as if she was 17 once more. He held her passionately with Awiti resting her head on his shoulder. At that time, nothing else on the planet mattered to Bodega.

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